Tourist attractions in Kalamata

Kalamata is the second largest town on the Peloponnese peninsula based on population. It is located at the head of the Messinian Bay on the southwest coast of Greece. It is an area full of mythological history, as most of Greece, and organic olive oils and wines are popular here. The area is also full of beautiful nature, beaches and places to explore. has a few activities listed and we have listed some of those for an overview.

Laconia: Olive Oil and Wine Tasting on an Organic Farm

Visit a farm that produces organic olive oil and wine to see how they do it while discovering the rich taste and texture of fresh, Greek, extra virgin olive oil and tasting 5 different labels of the farm’s wines.

This 7-hour tour begins with a pick up from your hotel, if it is located within Kalamata city, before heading to the farm. Once there you will be guided around the facilities of the farm where you will learn about the sustainable farming methods and techniques they use. This is followed by a stroll through the vineyards and olive groves where some olive trees are more than 500 years old.

Next up is experiencing and learning about Greek olives and olive oil: how they taste, how to distinguish the various olive oil varieties and how to choose the best olive oil for different purposes, and you will get some tips from the resident experts on how to best store olive oil.

After the olives it is time on the itinerary for the wine tasting and you will get to taste 5 different labels of organic wines: Agiorgitika, Athyri, Avgoustiatis, Moschofilero and Kydonitsa with your wine sommelier guiding you through the experience of the magnificent world of organic wines, and especially Greek ones.

Navarino Bay: Sea Kayaking with Lunch

This sea kayaking with lunch trip begins from the marina of Pylos, the Bays main harbor, on the west coast of the Peloponnese peninsula. The bay is almost completely sheltered from the open sea, Ionian Sea, by Sphacteria, a long and narrow islet.

Before the departure participants will be briefed on trip details, kayak paddling techniques as well as safety measures.

The paddling will take you past the town of Pylos and the castle of Niokastro while heading towards the Tsihli Baba, an impressive monolithic islet with a rock arch formed at one of its tips, and if whether is permitting it the islet will be circumnavigated to visit a few of its sea caves and to paddle through its tunnels and arches. This will be followed by heading to the only accessible beach of Sphacteria where you will rest, enjoy a picnic with freshly baked bread, homemade olive oil, cheese and garden-grown fruits and vegetables ant there will be time to swim, snorkel and sunbathe, before paddling back to the marina in Pylos.

Kalamata: The Olive Oil Routes Tour

This small group tour starts at the arranged meeting point in the magnificent 13th century castle of Androusa, in the heart of Messinia, a 10-minute drive from Ancient Messene and a 20-minute drive from Kalamata.

From the meeting point the tour will begin with a beautiful walk to provide an overview of the amazing olive groves of Messinia while the guide tells the group about the tradition, the history and the mythical stories of the castle olive trees.

Next stop is the olive groves where you get to walk through the groves and marvel at the perennial trees, learn about different varieties of the area’s olive trees and discover the story of the Messinian land as recorded on the stems.

Visit a unique olive oil press and mill in the center of Androusa Village where the fifth generation owner will explain the procedure of the production of extra virgin olive oil.

Next up is an olive tasting session where you get to learn how to define the elements of extra virgin olive oil and taste and evaluate different varieties of Greek extra virgin olive oil. The different varieties are matched with small traditional Greek dishes like tzatziki, pasto (smoked pork) as well as local cheeses, olive paste and Kalamata olives.

Laconia: Organic Greek Farm Tour with Cooking Class

Once you are at place at the organic farm the experience will begin with a guided tour around the facilities. You will learn about the sustainable techniques and methods that are used, including in the production of extra virgin olive oil and organic wines, as well as about the people behind the concept of the farm.

This will be followed by a stroll around the gardens to pick fresh and organic vegetables, and a 3-hour cooking class where you will learn how to make traditional meals using local products.

After cooking comes the feast consisting of 3 appetizers and a main dish accompanied by organic wine from the vineyards and other unique drinks, such as homemade lemonade made at the farm.

After the lunch you will visit a small village near the farm and the Greek Women Cooperative where you will learn the secrets of their homemade delicacies.

Hotel pick up and drop off from all hotels in Kalamata city is included in the price of this activity.

Messinia: Organic Cooking Class and Traditional Local Feast

After arriving at the farm where this activity takes place it will begin with a tour of all the facilities of the farm. This includes the amphitheater, the animal farm, the crops and the vegetable garden and you get to stroll around to explore every corner of the farm, including the tree houses that are built from all-natural materials. At the amphitheater you get to learn all about the evolution of the theater in Ancient Greece.

A local cook will guide you through some secrets of traditional homemade Greek cuisine as you learn to make and bake bread and prepare authentic Greek food and local delicacies in the farm’s open-air kitchen.

Then you feast on the food and snacks prepared by you, made from ingredients from the farm and other local producers.

After the meal, which includes local appetizers, mains, dessert, organic wine, soft drink and Greek coffee or tea, you can enjoy a stroll through the cobblestoned lanes while enjoying the local culture and atmosphere.

Hotel pick up and drop off from and to all hotels within Kalamata city is included in the price.

Arcadia: Traditional Local Cooking Class and Feast

After arriving at location, hotel pick up from all hotels within Kalamata city is included, the experience will begin with a guided tour of the workshop, which includes the food preparation area, the cookware museum, as well as the library where you can look through old cookbooks and view rare 19-th century photos.

After this you get to pick fresh vegetables in the garden, if it is season for it, before Rita, a local cook, will teach you how to make traditional hilopites (egg pasta), trahana (fermented milk pasta), spoon sweets, jams, pasteli (sesame seed bars) and other local delights. After the cooking class a lunch feast made from local products from the workshop and other local producers will be enjoyed at the restaurant accompanied by organic Greek wine, soft drinks, Greek coffee or tea.

Next you get the chance to explore the gift shop where you can find more than 50 local delicacies, before you will have the opportunity to stroll through the cobblestoned lanes.

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